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GCSE History

What qualification will this course lead to?

GCSE History (Edexcel)

What topics will I study?

Students will learn about the US in the roaring 20s including the booming '20s, the gangsters of Prohibition, the depressions and World War Two.

Students will also study Britain through the Second World War, the causes of the Second World War and the problems of the Cold War 19-39 and 1945-61 including topics such as Versailles, Munich, Abyssinia and Manchuria.

What understanding and skills will I develop?

Students will learn analysis and source work, understanding chronology and causation. You will learn essay and extended answer writing and understand the past's effects on us.

How will I be assessed?

The course consists of three examinations and one controlled assessment. Students will be assessed on their ability to select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to purpose and to complex subject matter organise relevant information clearly and coherently, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate.

What can this course lead to?

The qualification provides a range of key historical contexts and events. Students will gain an introduction to the key concepts and contexts of history enabling progression to Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE History courses suitable for entry onto course at the 6th Form College and Blackpool & Fylde College.