Our Vision

Our students will be happy, safe and successful; each having a love of learning and entrepreneurial spirit. They will be self-aware, know where they are going and what needs to be done to get there. They will try a broad range of things, hold positions of responsibility, serve the community and be proud of their achievements and of the School.

Our inclusive and forward looking curriculum will meet the needs of current and future students. It will sell the School, educate the whole person, be broad and balanced and cater for both the specialist and generalist.

Teaching is exciting, relevant and interesting underpinned by high expectations and consistent practice. Learning is individual, co-operative and characterised by excellent relationships between students and with staff. A strong focus on literacy provides equality of access and opportunity.

Our teaching, learning support and associate staff are enthusiastic, committed, supportive and capable. They all work together and value each other and lifelong learning, share expertise, implement policies and lead learning so all practice is the standard of the best.

With investment via the Priority schools building programme our state-of-the-art building and cutting edge resources will provide a 21st Century learning environment for the whole community allowing our learners to try things they may never have thought possible.

We will be at the heart of the local community. Relationships with parents and partnerships with the wider community will be built on shared values of trust, confidence and mutual understanding, with all stakeholders contributing to the learning experience.

Trust Vision

Collegiate High School is proud to be forming a national challenge trust partnership with Blackpool Sixth Form College. The main purpose of the Trust is to raise aspirations of pupils, staff and parents of Collegiate High School. In order to achieve this, the Trust will:

1. promote and actively participate in the raising of attainment through excellence in teaching and leadership, enabling students to achieve their full potential

2. provide a broad and appropriate curriculum for each pupil to foster strong progression and extend employment opportunities

3. foster a strong sense of community and pride in the school whilst promoting partnership working with the wider community

4. improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of pupils through good enrichment opportunities and strong pastoral care

Strategic Intent

By 2014 Collegiate High School aims to:

1. be the first choice secondary for local parents

2. have excellent and consistently improving results placing us amongst the best comprehensive schools

3. enable all students to achieve their very best and progress to success at Level 3 courses and then university and/or jobs with training

4. gain recognition for excellent curriculum provision and leading learning

5. become the employer of choice with an innovative and dynamic workforce

6. play a key role at the heart of the local community

7. recognised as outstanding by OFSTED

We will achieve this by focussing on the following priorities:

1. Closing performance gaps and raising standards

2. Creating a climate for learning

3. Curriculum and co-curricular development

4. Career structure and development

5. Community partnership and engagement

'Meliora Sequamur' = striving for the best

For students this means:

Best work

Best attendance and punctuality

Best behaviour

Best contribution to school life

Best courtesy

Best dress