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GCSE Drama

What qualification will this course lead to?

GCSE Drama (Edexcel)

What topics will I study?

You will study 3 units called:

Explorative Strategies - You will explore a variety of drama skills that deepen your knowledge of the drama process.

Exploring Play Texts - This unit introduces students to the content of plays written for the theatre.

Drama Performance - This unit allows students to use their knowledge of drama skills to create a performance for a live audience.

What understanding and skills will I develop?

By the end of the course you will have developed skills in analysing play texts and live performances, considering and exploring the impact of social, historical and cultural influences. You will develop and demonstrate competence in a range of practical, creative and performance skills through exploration of acting techniques and the production process.

How will I be assessed?

Unit one is worth 30% of your GCSE - you will be assessed by the teacher over 6 hours of practical exploration of drama skills and techniques.

Unit two is worth 30% of your GCSE - you will be assessed by the following: Practical Exploration of a play, Documentary response to practical exploration and A written report on a live piece of theatre.

Unit three is worth 40% of your GCSE - Students will present their work through a single performance to an examiner appointed by Edexcel either as a performer or as performance support (director, set design etc.).

What can this course lead to?

If you choose to apply to a Sixth Form College then this course will prepare you extremely well for the AS/A-level in Drama and Theatre Studies as well as the BTEC level 3 Diploma's that are also on offer.