In the beginning...1900s to 1950s

The Education Act of 1902 made local authorities responsible for providing secondary education for all, and so plans were put in place to provide an educational establishment in Blackpool that could deliver this. In 1906 the Blackpool Secondary School opened on Raikes Parade, with the school playing fields on St Walburgas Road; this rather impressive building would later become, and still is home to, the Salvation Army. The first headteacher was Mr Joseph Turrell, and while this school had been build for all, girls and boys were taught separately.

Blackpool Grammar School

September 1925 saw the girls move to the Blackpool Girls' Secondary School at the junction of Beech Avenue and Forest Gate, which was officially opened by Lady Stanley on the 23rd of October. From 1933 it was known as the Blackpool Collegiate School for Girls. The name Collegiate had been adopted from the North London Collegiate School, a pioneer in the education of girls, with the hope that it would be a fitting name and would inspire the young ladies of Blackpool.

sandwiches building

The building later became part of Tyldesley High School, but was eventually closed and demolished in 1987. The land was then sold off for housing development and would see a new Blackpool Fire Station being built on what was the tennis courts and playing field.

1933 was also the year that the boys school at Raikes Parade changed its name to Blackpool Grammar School for Boys, with the motto "Meliora Sequamur". Places at both schools were allocated on the result of a Special Place Examination (successful candidates paid for by the local authority) and an easier Fee Payers' Examination. Over two thirds of the students came in on the Special Place scheme. Less academic students attended Senior Schools.

The Education Act of 1944 divided secondary education into three: Grammar, Technical, and Modern. Fee paying was abolished and students were selected using the 11+ examination, with the most academical attending Grammar Schools.

A move to Blackpool Old Road...1960s

Unable to expand the premises any further at Raikes Parade, a brand new, purpose built school was erected here on Blackpool Old Road. The all-boys Blackpool Grammar School opened with a very formal ceremony in May 1962.

Blackpool Grammar opening

The opening ceremony was captured on film and can be viewed here.

During the 1960s the Ministry of Education decided that local education authorities needed to plan for comprehensive education which would abolish the selection of students at 11 (the 11+ examination) and cater for all abilities in one school, and so plans were put in place to reunite the girls and boys schools.

Two schools merge to become one...1970s and 1980s

Blackpool Grammar School for Boys closed in July 1971. Pupils aged 11 to 16 of Blackpool Collegiate School for Girls merged with the boys of Blackpool Grammar and became Blackpool Collegiate Grammar School. The first headteacher was Miss Mary Roberts who moved with the pupils from the girls school, along with the Foundation and Opening stones which were mounted outside the entrance in July 1987, and are still there today.


1971 also saw the opening of the Blackpool Collegiate Sixth Form Centre further down Blackpool Old Road, for boys and girls from age 16 upwards.

In 1974 the word 'Grammar' was dropped from the school name to become Blackpool Collegiate High School, when comprehensive education was introduced to the UK and the 11+ examination abolished, but the school did retain the motto of "Meliora Sequamur", Latin for "Let us strive for better things".

The Sixth Form of Collegiate separated from the main school in 1988 and became the Blackpool Sixth Form College.

Sports specialism...1990s to 2000

In 1999 the school entered into a public, private partnership (PPP) with sports company, Uforia Ltd, who provided a new sports arena. The eight all weather pitches opened on the 30th of August, on land situated to the rear of the school. The centre can host short hockey, Kwik cricket and five-a-side football on eight floodlit Astroturf pitches, and netball, basketball and tennis on four all-weather courts. Two years later a new sports hall was opened by the Mayor of Blackpool, and Steve McMahon, the then manager of Blackpool Football Club.


It was also during the early 1990s that the school expanded its footprint by adding buildings to the north side of the site to create technology and design workshops, IT suites, two new art studios, food technology rooms, and a dedicated music department.

Looking back...and forward!

Collegiate High School now sits at the dawn of a new era as the merger with Bispham High School goes ahead. These two proud schools will carry forward the traditions of the past into a purpose built school ready to teach, inspire, and empower future generations of Blackpool students.


The Memorial Room

Memorial room

Most of our students here at Collegiate High School are aware of the very special room we have on the first floor - the Memorial Room. But have they ever thought about why it is there and what it represents? To answer those questions we need to go back almost one hundred years.

When Blackpool Grammar School for Boys was originally sited on Raikes Parade during the 1920's, a room was built as a memorial to former students who were killed during, or as a result of, World War 1.

When the Grammar School moved to the new building here on Blackpool Old Road in 1962, they brought the Memorial Room with them. It was carefully dismantled and reassembled in its present position. When Collegiate Grammar School for Girls moved here they brought various items of memorabilia with them to be stored and displayed in this very special room.


The room also contains many artefacts relating to the heritage of Blackpool. These include rolls of honour from both of the original schools and the Old Boys, Old Girls and Old Student organisations. The walls contain portraits and photographs of some of the early headteachers and more recently senior prefects and headteachers of Collegiate. There are also albums containing many old photographs and even a punishment book recording the misdemeanours of former students!

At the far end of the room is a beautiful stained glass window depicting Sir Galahad, one of the knights of King Arthur's Round Table. The window was given to the Grammar School in memory of Sam Rayner and other former students who died as a result of World War 1. Sam's brother Alan Rayner died in 1928 due to injuries he received during the war and he is also remembered with an inscription on the wall to left hand side of the room.

Memorial window Superintendent Richardson

Close to this inscription there is a plaque in memory of Superintendent Gerald Richardson, who was tragically killed whilst arresting an armed robber in Blackpool on Monday 23 August 1971. He is the highest ranking British Police Officer to have been killed whilst on duty and was posthumously awarded the George Cross in November 1972. Superintendent Richardson attended Blackpool Grammar School for Boys from 1944-1949 and the plaque in his memory was unveiled by the Mayor of Blackpool in the Memorial Room on 24 September 2003. The ceremony was attended by his widow, Trustees and Governors of the school, the press and many former students as well as a number of police officers.

Our Memorial Room represents a large part of the heritage of Blackpool. We have a vital role in preserving this heritage as we have the responsibility of looking after this room and all it contains. Whatever happens to our buildings in the future, we must ensure that we do not lose such an important and unique piece of local history and national interest.

You can view more photographs from the Memorial Room in our Photo Gallery here.


Around school

Achievement Window
The Achievement Window

This beautifully decorated stained glass window was presented to the school and students of Collegiate in memory of Loren Stoker, head girl in 1993, who sadly passed away suddenly just prior to sitting her final exams. From left to right the four windows represent the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and was designed with the help of teaching staff who had been close to Loren during her time here at Collegiate.


Don't Drop Litter
Don't Drop Litter: Year 9 Pop Art

This art piece was the culmination of a year long project created by many Collegiate students under the guidance of Mr Iddon. Inspired by a rise in the amount of litter, Mr Iddon encouraged students to pick up discarded wrappers, photograph or scan them and manipulate them using software, or simply to draw and paint them. The results were then pieced together to create this installation.

Students studied the original Pop Art movement and its artists, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and learnt about advertising, packaging and consumerism, not only fueling an impressive piece of art, but also teaching students about the negative effect littering can have on the community.


Clay Art
Cleopatra Art Installation

This exciting three-dimensional studies project was undertaken by pupils, students and staff of both the Collegiate High School and Blackpool and The Fylde College back in 1996. It was based on the name of the then new Collegiate building, Cleopatra, reflecting elements of both Egyptian and modern life. Its themes are taken from Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphic forms and are reflected and echoed by modern equivalents in straight forward language, graphic symbols and signs and also, occasionally, in the guise of a visual pun or modern simile. For instance, the inner frame of monochromatic tiles contains some well-known Egyptian images: the eye of Horus, the Ankh, symbol of life, and the baboon, usually associated with knowledge.

Anubis, the judge of the underworld, and other images are also there. But we also see a modern ship as well as an ancient galley, a motor car and a chariot, Leonardo's concept of human proportion as well as a telephone, television and other familiar images. More covertly, perhaps, Cleopatra's name appears in hieroglyphic form (actually phonetically reading Kleopadra) and an anode and diode sign are somewhere to be found. The date is also there in ancient Egyptian form: a stylised lotus, for one thousand; nine coils of rope, each coil representing one hundred. There are nine ox-yokes, which stand for ninety and six rods which are six. Thus we have one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. The sun and moon, a scribe and scythe, an electric light bulb and a helicopter are there as is yin and yang and the tripartite symbol of Christianity.

The large outer frame contains thirty cartouches. The cartouche was used by the Egyptians to enclose the name of a God, Pharaoh or Queen. We have used it to enclose the personal designs of pupils, students and staff. Some sixteen cartouches were designed and made by Collegiate pupils and were inspired by personal research into aspects of ancient Egypt. We see a cat and some beetles, Cleopatra's date as well as our own; hunters, ducks, gods and mysterious faces, all beautifully modelled in clay and glazes. The remaining fourteen contain some Egyptian symbols as well as others inspired by modern concepts. We see a dung beetle pushing the sun into the morning sky and pieces of a motorbike engine strangely similar. Einstein's E=MC2 is there in covert form, a cat meows (meow is the Egyptian word for cat), and various other Egyptian, modern and mixed imagery is represented. The central panel was modelled, cast and moulded by college staff and depicts Cleopatra meeting a spaceman (an ancient and modern icon), our own hieratic visual summation of the whole piece and what it represents: young people meeting their destiny through learning.


WW2 Memorial
World War II Memorial

There is a memorial outside the main hall and dining hall, dedicated to the former students of Blackpool Grammar who died in or as a result of World War Two. This memorial was orginally at the Raikes Parade site, but was relocated along with the Memorial Room. Being in a main thoroughfare within the school it acts as a constant reminder to students of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedom.


Memorial Tree
Memorial Tree

A memorial tree was donated by the family of Richard Bartholomew, a Year 11 student of Collegiate High School, who lost his life in a tragic accident in 1993 when he was swept into the sea somewhere near Gynn Square.


Memorial Tree
50th Anniversary Tree

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Collegiate buildings here at Blackpool Old Road a Royal Oak sapling was planted in the front grounds. Donated by the Woodland Trust, the sapling had been grown from a seed collected from one of the royal household estates. The picture above shows the late Joyce Birtwhistle planting the sapling in May 2012.

You can watch this event on our YouTube channel here.

Please click here to visit our Photo Gallery to view more of our school and events.

If you are interested in the history of Blackpool Secondary School, Blackpool Grammar School for Boys, Blackpool Girls' Secondary School, Blackpool Collegiate School for Girls, Blackpool Collegiate Grammar School, or Blackpool Collegiate High School why not visit www.meliora.co.uk, a website dedicated to the many former students, and staff of these educational establishments. You can also contact the website editor on [email protected].

Rolls of Honour

Captain of School

1906/7 - J. Charnley

1907 - S. Walker

1908 - H. W. Cooke

1909 - H. W. Cooke

1910 - W. Haythornthwaite

1911 - R. T. Lewis

1912 - J. C. Balmford

1913 - J. Haworth

1914 - H. Ford

1915 - A. Weston

1916 - W. J. Bibby

1917 - S. Bolton

1917 - G. P. Ford

1918 - W. K. Matthews

1918 - J. T. Charnock

1919 - J. T. Charnock

1919 - A. L. Coppock

1920 - J. W. Kershaw

1921 - R. Simmons

1922 - G. R. Turral

1923 - G. R. Turral

1924 - J. Darrell

1925 - B. Parkinson

1926 - A. D. Vickerman

1927 - J. L. Sweeten

1928 - W. L. Whalley

1929 - H. G. G. Thompson

1930 - J. P. Chippendale

1931 - J. P. Chippendale

1932 - J. H. Wolstenholme

1933 - R. E. F. Gardner

1934 - C. M. Tubb

1935 - G. Jarratt

1936 - H. R. G. Hurst

1937 - J. R. Farley

1938 - C. A. Bunton

1939 - W. Shirley

1939 - W. Murgatroyd

1940 - S. W. Thomson

1940 - J. M. Curnow

1941 - W. H. Leigh

1942 - R. S. C. Couch

1943 - G. T. Higson

1944 - I. F. Moore

1945 - D. G. Bowtell

1946 - R. D. G. Overton

1946 - G. W. Cartmell

1947 - D. GT. Williams

1948 - A. Roberts

1949 - A. W. Cocking

1950 - J. Quarmby

1951 - J. I. Learmonth

1951 - J. T. Hodgson

1952 - J. B. Parker

1953 - W. H. Lea

1954 - D. Woodhouse

1955 - A. G. Barr

1956 - R. R. Bowman

1957 - C. Berryman

1958 - P. N. Barton

1959 - R. D. Lee

1960 - R. P. Horne

1961 - B. W. Drinkwater

1962 - R. T. Sanderson

1963 - G. A. N. Luft

1963 - T. Farr

1964 - S. Potter

1965 - M. E. Haynes

1966 - C. Saint

1967 - R. M. Uttley

1968 - R. H. Carter

1969 - T. Barkess

1970 - S. R. Killick

1970 - S. P. Burke

1971 - A. N. Bell


Head Girls

1971 - S. Frost

1972 - J. Cardwell

1973 - G. Battersby

1974 - E. Wiseman

1975 - H. Connor

1976 - E. Povall

1977 - L. Heggie

1978 - K. Livesey

1979 - A. Picthall

1980 - G. Haysham

1981 - S. Foxley

1982 - A. Howker

1983 - V. Murphy

1984 - D. Hepplestall

1985 - N. Haagensen

1986 - C. Martin

1987 - L. Oliver

1988 - C. Petersen

1989 - K. Blackburn

1990 - S. L. Nicol

1991 - C. L. Worden

1992 - Kerry McCormick

1993 - Loren Stoker

1994 - Sarah Williamson

1995 - Vicky Reynolds

1996 - Bobbie Brightman

1997 - Sarah Thornley

1998 - Clair Kinrade

1999 - Cassie Newton

2000 - Hollie Prescott

2001 - Samantha Hewlett

2002 - Stacey Houldsworth

2003 - Harriet Walch

2004 - Ashleigh Rankin

2005 - Jasmin Dua

2006 - Sophie Connor

2007 - Lucy Tickle

2008 - Rebecca Picken

2009 - Zuraiha Waffa

2010 - Rebecca Green

2011 - Abbie Marshall

2012 - Joanna Higgs

2013 - Atlanta Haley Jefferson


Head Boys

1971 - J. C. Brambles

1972 - G. Turner

1973 - S. Gale

1974 - P. Worthington

1975 - P. Brindle

1976 - K. Southworth

1977 - M. Spencer

1978 - P. Wilson

1979 - I. Hillis

1980 - G. Mattock

1981 - A. Parr

1982 - M. Whetton

1983 - A. Howell

1984 - P. Johnson

1985 - P. Ashton

1986 - P. Scarborough

1987 - W. Jennings

1988 - P. W. Webber

1989 - M. D. Bartsch

1990 - G. Warrington

1991 - Grant McNaughton

1992 - Austin Reed

1993 - Feisal Shah

1994 - Christopher Wright

1995 - Adrian Adair

1996 - William Roberts

1997 - Nathan Weston

1998 - Mark Cooper

1999 - Adam Sears

2000 - Wayne Carr

2001 - Robert Cain

2002 - Lee Robinson

2003 - James Mosley

2004 - Adam FairClough

2004 - Daniel Capper

2005 - Thomas Roe

2006 - Christopher Hammond

2007 - Lewis Hall

2008 - Christopher Rumley

2010 - Dillon Smith

2011 - Reece Creighton

2012 - Jake Walley

2013 - Lyle Smith


Blackpool Grammar/Collegiate High School

J. Turral Esq. B.A., F.R. Hist. S.

E. Benson Esq., M.A., M.Litt.
1934 - 1955

The Rev. H. M. Luft M.A., M.Litt.
1956 - 1964

J. M. Brooks Esq., B.Sc. M.Ed. F. Inst. P.
1964 - 1980

C. P. J. Fulford B.A., F.R.S.A.
1980 - 1988

K. S. Clark B.Sc., M.Ed.
1988 - 2001

C. McGrath
2002 - 2004

Headteachers of Collegiate High School

Gillian W. Fennel B.Ed., N.P.Q.H., J.P
2004 - 2009

Ms. C. Ridgway B.Sc., M.Ed., N.P.Q.H.
2010 - 2011

Mr D. Harrison
(acting Headteacher
2011 - 2013

Mr J. Topping
(acting Headteacher
2013 -




Headmistresses of the
Blackpool Collegiate School for Girls

Miss M. M. Dunn B.A. Hons
1925 - 1941

Mrs J. R. F. Robinson M.A.Hons
(later Forgan)
1941 - 1965

Miss M. Roberts B.Sc.Hons
1965 - 1971





Blackpool Collegiate Old Students Association Presidents

1985 - Joan Wilkinson

1986 - John A. Spencer

1987 - Joanne Laverty

1988 - Joyce Birtwhistle

1989 - Gordon Halliwell

1990 - Linda Blackburn

1991 - David Wallbank

1992 - Bettty Halliwell

1993 - William A. Dickinson

1994 - Marcia Roper

1995 - Jack Quarmby

1996 - Dorothy Tatton

1997 - Douglas M. Holmes

1998 - Wendy Stevenson

1999 - Derek Lockwood

2000 - Joyce Birtwhistle

2001 - Jack Qarmby

2002 - Wendy Stevenson

2003 - Keith Bleazard

2004 - Val Newsome

2005 - Donald A. Cummins

2006 - Jennifer Aston

2007 - Keith Bleazard

2008 - Judith Holt

2009 - Derek Lockwood O.B.E.

2010 - Derek Lockwood O.B.E.



Old Girls Association Presidents

1911 - M. Alice Porter

1912 - May Beaumont

1916 - Nellie Haythornthwaite

1921 - Jean Gardner

1924 - Alice Watson

1927 - May Singleton

1930 - Dorothy Docking

1932 - Edith Gardner

1934 - K. Cheryl Parker

1937 - Muriel Fielding

1938 - Elizabeth Carter

1940 - May Singleton

1942 - Katherine Harrison

1944 - Gladys Coates

1946 - Lena Naylor

1948 - Hilda Batley

1949 - Anne Shuttleworth

1950 - K. Cheryl Parker

1951 - Kathleen Drew

1953 - Winnie Thompson

1954 - Vera Metcalfe

1955 - Hilda Batley

1956 - Muriel Fielding

1957 - Vera Taylor

1958 - Gladys Bowden

1959 - Gladys Wright

1960 - M. Alice Porter

1961 - K. Cheryl Parker

1962 - Doris Coppock

1963 - Mary Roe

1964 - Anne Shuttleworth

1965 - Florence Grime

1966 - Nora Jarvis

1967 - Ethel Hampshire

1968 - Hilda Priestley

1969 - Violet L. Minton

1970 - Nancy Lee

1971 - Kathleen Drew

1972 - Muriel Fileding

1973 - Betty Brooks

1974 - Barbara Gill

1975 - Kathleen Drew



Old Boys Association Presidents

1910 - The Headmaster - J. Turral

1911-1914 - H. Bailey

1915-1919 - The Headmaster - J. Turral

1920 - H. W. Cooke

1921 - T. Walker

1922 - H. S. Beaumont

1923 - W. Haythornthwaite

1924 - A. Wilson

1925 - J. Harrison

1926 - J. P. Burns

1927 - H. D. Walker

1928 - W. Donnelly

1929 - G. P. Ford

1930 - T. L. Poynton

1931 - A. M. Titchener

1932 - F. P. Lomax

1933 - H. Jones

1934 - E. Read

1935 - P. H. Taylor

1936 - J. Leslie

1937 - H. Fielding

1938 - G. W. Briggs

1939-1943 - H. Priestley

1944 - E. Gaskell

1945 - H.P. Wolstencroft

1946 - W. E. Naylor

1947 - A. W. G. Kean

1948 - W. Wiggins

1949 - N. W. Crosland

1950 - A. E. T. Stewart

1951 - D. M. Holmes

1952 - R. Worthington

1953 - Sir J. Roland Robinson

1954 - R. Leeson

1955 - F. V. Hargreaves

1956 - E. S. Ashton

1957 - F. B. Edwards

1958 - T. H. Glover

1959 - A. L. Coppock

1960 - F. Hitchen

1961 - L. A. Butson

1962 - G. H. Halstead

1963 - A. B. Smith

1964 - J. Thompson

1965 - F. L. Whiteley

1966 - A. E. Birtwhistle

1967 - E. H. Whitehouse

1968 - Roy Keiller

1969 - J. L. Cookson

1970 - John R. Hall

1971 - Charles Lorains

1972 - J. A. Tasselli

1973 - Jack Eastham

1974 - G. G. Halliwell

1975 - Peter Adcroft

1976 - W. A. Dickinson

1977 - D. Wallbank

1978 - J. Quarmby

1979 - J. Newton

1980 - D. M. Holmes

1981 - Rev. E. M. E. Flood

1982 - P. G. Matley

1983 - F. Brown

Names of all those who gave their lives in World War 1: 1914 to 1919

J. F. Arrowsmith

F. C. Aspinall

R. Bazley

R. G. Bennett

C. Blackhurst

R. Bradley

H. Butterworth

J. N. Calvert

T. Cartmell

H. W. Cashmore

W. Cheetham

C. N. Crawshaw

J. A. Denney

C. P. Gaulter

J. C. Grime

R. Hadall

H. Hartley

H. Haworth

R. Ibbotson

E. A. Mount. B. A.

T. Norton

T. Parker

S. Rayner

L. F. W. Ross

G. A. Salthouse

F. A. Seymour

M. Shackleton

A. Shutt

J. L. Spiby

R. Thompson

L. Titchener

W. Tootell

N. G. Walton

L. White

R. P. Whiteside

H. Williamson

E. A. A. Yates




Names of all those who gave their lives in World War 2: 1939 to 1945

J. A. Atkinson

G. Baggaley

F. Baron

G. F. Bateman

E. G. Brammer

J. R. Burns

A. J. Busby

A. W. Busby

J. M. Clarkson

F. R. Corns

J. Cowgill

J. Crabtree

A. N. F. Critchley

R. Culshaw

J. M. Curnow

F. B. Dutton Walker

N. Ellis

K. G. Ferris

J. Firth

H. Fish

V. C. Fleming

E. Foster

W. Gregson

K. A. Griffith

B. Grimshaw

F. H. Hardy

L. Hallworth

L. A. Hurstfield

A. Jayes

N. R. Johnston

J. H. Jowett

E. Little

E. M. Mason

H. A. Massey

D. L. McLeish

E. Meikle

J. E. Mosley

D. M. Muller

A. D. W. Woollett

R. W. Myers

T. J. Pye

R. L. Sellars

H. W. Shepherd

H. Shufflebotham

J. V. Somers

D. A. Spence

E. J. Stansfield

F. E. Staples

H. A. Taylor

P. H. Taylor

G. R. Timewell

R. B. Verdon

J. A. Walker

J. M. Weaver

G. H. Whitehead

H. M. Whittle

J. H. Wood

W. K. Wood

H. J. Woodward

N. G. Woodward


Missing believed killed

A. D. Blackburn

A. J. Brook

P. M. Hayes

H. Heald

H. Kenyon

F. Ormerod

L. Scatcherd

F. Whitaker

A. N. Whittaker

N. D. Wright

V. J. D. Riddell




Chair of Governors

Alderman Joseph Heap J.P.
1906 - 1925

A. P. Anderson Esq. B.Sc. L.C.P.
1925 - 1938

Councillor John Anderson
1938 - 1949

Joseph Lesle Esq. J.P.
1949 - 1974

Helen Woosnam J.P.
1974 - 1981

Councillor D. R. Courtney
1981 - 1982

Mr D. Wheeldon
1982 - 1983

Mrs J. Allcock
1983 - 1988

Councillor Mrs S. Wright
1988 - 2004

Mr S. Wenman
2004 -

Felicity Greeves M.A. (Hons), D.M.S.
2010 -



Sports achievements

Fylde Coast Schools Cross Country U14 Girls 1990

Blackpool Secondary Schools Rugby League Year 8 Winners 1994

Blackpool Secondary Schools Rugby League Year 8 Winners 1997

Unitary Celebrations Youth Festival of Sport Secondary Schools Netball Year 8 Winners 1998

Chadwicks Timber Schools Cross Country League Year 7 Girls Runners Up 1998

Chadwicks Timber Schools Road Race Year 7 Winners 1998

Chadwicks Timber Schools Rugby Year 9 Winners 1999

Blackpool Youth Games Secondary Schools Athletics Winners 1999

Blackpool Youth Games Basketball Year 9 Boys Winners 2000

Chadwicks Timber Year 9 Rugby League Winners 2000

Blackpool Youth Games Netball Year 8 Girls Winners 2000

Chadwicks Schools Rugby League Year 11 Winners 2002

B.S.S.A. Town Sports Championships U16 Boys 2003

Blackpool & The Fylde College Year 8 Boys Football Tournament Winners 2005

B.S.S.A. Cross Country U13s Boys Champions 2005

B.S.S.A. Cross Country U13s Girls Champions 2005

Chadwicks Timber Schools Rugby Year 7 Winners 2005

PlayStation School's Cup UK National Champions 2005 � read the full story here

PlayStation School's Cup European Champions 2005 � read the full story here

Blackpool Youth Games Secondary Schools Basketball U15s Girls Fairplay Winners 2006

B.S.S.A. Cross Country U13s Boys Champions 2006

B.S.S.A. Cross Country U14s Girls Champions 2006

Lancashire Youth Games Rugby League Year 7/8 Winners 2006

Chadwicks Timber Schools Rugby League Year 7 Winners 2006

Chadwicks Timber Schools Rugby League Year 8 Winners 2006

Blackpool Youth Games Hockey U15s Girls Winners 2006

Blackpool Youth Games Futsal Winners 2007

Blackpool Youth Games Table Tennis Girls Runners Up 2007

Blackpool Youth Games Table Tennis Boys Runners Up 2007

Blackpool Youth Games Table Tennis Girls Team Winners 2008

B.S.S.A. Cross Country U14s Boys Champions 2008

B.S.S.A. Town Sports Championships U16 Boys 2008

Blackpool Youth Games Biathlon Boys Winners 2008

B.S.S.A. Cross Country U16s Boys Champions 2009

Blackpool Secondary Inter-School Competition Year 11 Boys rugby League Tournament Winners 2009

Blackpool Secondary Inter-School Competition Year 10 Boys rugby League Tournament Winners 2009