Dining Hall

Our services cover refreshments at breakfast, morning break and lunch. We offer a wide choice of hot meals and snacks and a range of sandwiches, salads and fruit juice drinks to suit all tastes.


The catering team are always willing to listen to the requests and ideas from our students and whenever possible, incorporate them in our menus. We offer great value for money and the choice includes roasts, curries, stir fries, fish and chicken dishes and also a daily pasta choice. There is at least one vegetarian option available every day as a main meal and plenty of vegetarian choices in the salad bar and sandwich selection.

sandwichesWe have embraced the "Healthy" eating messages of the government and have also taken the decision to use more fresh local ingredients, particularly fruit and vegetables.

Our "real food" is 95% home cooked. We have severely cut back the fat, salt and sugar content of products and we are continually updating our menu to meet demand.

You can rest assured that great care and attention is given to selecting food that students will enjoy. You can arrange to come and speak to a member of the catering team if you have any concerns. Parents are encouraged to speak to the catering team about any student with particular dietary restrictions, there is no reason why they should miss out on the opportunity to eat with friends and enjoy the great choices that we provide.

Please click on the menus below to view full details of what we have to offer.


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